2. International CITY and ECOLOGY Congress CEDESU2021 02 AralıkAra 2021 - 03 AralıkAra 2021 Europe/IstanbulTrabzon, Türkiye

Çevre, Şehir, İnşaat

Esteemed Scientists and Participants,

I am happy to share with you esteemed scientists and participants the announcement that the international congress titled CEDESU 2021 will be held with internet access between 02-03 December 2021. The first conference titled "1stInternational Conference on Sea and Coastal Development in The Frame of Sustainability", hosted by Karadeniz Technical University (Trabzon) between18-20 September 2015, consisted of 4 concepts that complemented each other as a theme under the title MACODESU 2015; MA-Marine, CO-Coastal, DE-Development and SU-Sustainability. The conference took the first two letters of these concepts and its title emerged as MACODESU.

Today, 6 years later, this time we have organized CEDESU2021/ 2nd International CITY and ECOLOGY Congress within the framework of sustainable urban development" which is a continuation of the 1st congress has been given the title with the combination of the concepts C-City, E-Ecology, DE-Development and SU-Sustainability and is a congress based on Urban and Ecology.

The congress is being planned as face-to-face at the host institution Karadeniz Technical University, however the condition will be reassessed depending on the course of the pandemic in our country and it is possible to revisit the options for online, face-to-face or hybrid options and to address the issue according to changing conditions.

CEDESU2021/"2nd International CITY and ECOLOGY Congress within the Framework of Sustainable Urban Development" has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary focus and aims to bring together scientists from many different professional disciplines, mainly from Planning and Design Sciences.

Supporting Organizations include Karadeniz Technical University, Kırıkkale University, UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects, UCTEA Chamber of Interior Architects, UCTEA Chamber of Urban Planners, Design and Planning Accrediting Associations (TAPLAK) and Living Cities Platform organizations as well as Faculty of Forestry (Karadeniz Technical University), Faculty of Fine Arts (Kırıkkale University), Faculty of Architecture (Eskisehir Technical University), Faculty of Architecture (Suleyman Demirel University), Faculty of Engineering and Design (Konya Food and Agriculture University), Trabzon City Council and Chamber of Landscape Architects Trabzon Branch and also Prof.Dr.Caner ZAMBAK, Prof.Dr.Ahmet Cengiz YILDIZCI, Prof.Dr.Hasan Hayri TOK, Consisting of Dr. Mariana GOLUMBEANU Advisory Board as BENA Representatives (Advisory board).

I am grateful to the Supporting Organizations, Advisory and Scientific Boards, especially the Board of Directors and Congress secretariat, the Living Cities Platform, Easy Partner Company and ASOS Education-Information-Consultancy Company and Journal Editors and Publishers for their support and contributions in the realization of the Congress.

All business and transactions related to the congress will be carried out through the prepared Web Page and the congress planning is undertaken by Easy Partner Company, which is the Representative of The French Publishing House known as Livres de Lyon, and ASOS Education-IT-Consultancy Company. The Abstracts Book and Full Text Papers Book will be published as E-Book after the congress and at the request of authors Oral and poster presentations will be published as articles as book sections and papers in 7 different journals.

In recent years, the fact that cities, which are the center of increasing global economic mobility all over the world, have moved away from being healthy and livable environments with all the increasing negative interventions and the appearance of stacking islands (Agglomeration) reveals that the problem is multidimensional. Today, the increased negative effect of urbanization and related environmental pollution on natural values and human health has motivated all stakeholders of cities to act together towards the goal of “ecological city renewal and livable healthy city".

Ecologically based disciplines aim to maximize sustainable development by protecting and respecting living natural resources in urban ecosystems all over the world, especially in recent years by prioritizing interdisciplinary work. This congress aims to bring together multiple professional disciplines and underlines that looking at the problem from a holistic point of view can only be effective in reaching a solution and concrete results can be achieved.

"Twenty-first Century", imposes common responsibilities on all of us,

Because our footprint on NATURE is getting bigger every day.


Hz. Mevlana says that those who want trees ought to plant seeds.

So, because we make so many mistakes, we can quickly connect ourselves and our society with the truth through our experiences.

Prof.Dr.Öner DEMİREL

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Trabzon, Türkiye

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