ICP-TPID JOINT MEETING 25th Scientific Congress of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association 04 KasımKas 2021 - 07 KasımKas 2021 Europe/IstanbulMuğla, Türkiye
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Dear Colleagues,
We are honored to organize 24nd Scientific Congress of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association. Prosthetic Dentistry containing restorative treatment, implantology, endodontics and dental technician fields within itself, is one of the most comprehensive departments in which all disciplines work in a unique solidarity. It also constitutes the basic structure of Esthetic Dentistry.

The main goal of Prosthetic Dentistry is to comprehend the function and meaning of prosthesis and provide a more clear perspective for all branches. So in this congress by considering your professional and scientific requirements, we are preparing a program including the commonly faced problems. In addition to the program, we are preparing common workshops and courses in which the dentists and dental technicians could attend together. All courses and workshop will be free of charge for all registered participants. We also think that you will get benefit of the exhibition that will be active during whole congress with attendance of our partners in industry.

The congress will be held in Dalaman as a short break before the winter. The prices of Dalaman Hilton Sarıgerme Resort & Spa, one of the most distinguished facilities of the area, has been kept as lower as possible to create an atmosphere of relief together with scientific fulfillment to our colleagues while providing an opportunity for a vacation to their families. The lunches and the gala dinner will give us the chance of meeting our friends and developing social bonding with our colleagues working in different institutions. Regarding the social program we highly recommend you not to miss the attractive shows and music feast planned for the cocktail and gala dinner of the congress.

I’m happy to say that as Organizing Committee, we are open to your opinions and suggestions about the congress.

With best regards,

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Muğla, Türkiye

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